Barrel sauna 

It's a special kind of sauna - a compact, functional, takes up little space, aesthetic, easy to install and maintain barrel sauna. In Europe, this original construction is still a rarity, but the news is growing rapidly in popularity. Unique sauna is a huge barrel, which brought down from the boards, and the top is covered with a thermoplastic or polycarbonate roof. It has everything you need for relax: steam room, washing, recreation room, chimney stove, and drainage. The interior is equipped by natural wood.Sweating it possible for one person, a family or a small company up to 12. The most popular home use models can accommodate up to four-six people. Barrel saunas come in a variety of projects, colors, sizes and designs.

  • barrel sauna in forest
  • barrel sauna in forest
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Barrel sauna profits

That's the cheapest, fastest and easyest way to got sauna in Europe, without any building permits or licenses. We offer lowest prices for wooden saunas all over Europe, online ordering and low down payment. Delivery and installation for 1 day. No any rot or blacken for years. Completely harmless. The high rate of heating. Compactness makes sauna ideal for small areas. Energy saving due the effect of a thermos. Made of high quality thermally midified wood. Natural. Economical. The original sauna design, pleasing to the eye and relaxing. Low Cost. High-quality barrel sauna components correspond to the standards of ISO.  Electric, wood fired, infrared, propane or even a diesel heaters avaliable, options as well as hybrid sauna heating system. 1 year garantee for commercial or private use for any type of heaters and hulls...More >>

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Original finnish technology makes it possible to use sauna in summer and in winter. Wooden sauna has a high healing effect, so it is possible to use sauna as you want every day. Air temperature can be adjusted as desired soaring, make them feel healthy, fresh, rejuvenated, light and clean. The location must be perfectly horizontal. The surface under the barrel sauna enough to fill with sand and gravel. It is created by the elaborate thermal insulation and wooden constructions. Ease of maintenance. The interior walls are treated means that repels water, fungus, dirt. The absence of corners simplifies cleaning process. And it's really bargian.
Wooden sauna is heated to 90 degrees in just half an hour,cooling down slowly and consumes a minimum of energy. The heating process is accelerated due to the absence of angles bath which normally take 25% of the internal volume. Fired wood creates inside an amazing flavor and energy. Due to the antiseptic properties of wood, the body does not rot, which increases the service life many years. Our barrel sauna has everything you need for a pleasant stay - heaters, shelves, benches, doors and windows. 

We sell saunas and kits  

Our company provides sale of ready-made barrel saunas and sauna kits, size from two up to six meters. This is a classic Finnish sauna inside and outside, with the original structure. We sell barrel saunas equiped by wood stoves, electric heaters, infrared heaters, and even propane heaters or combination of them, for both private and commercial use. For manufacture we use wood of different species: spruce, pine, oak, birch, linden.The barrel sauna can be installed anywhere in the estate, and it does not require approvals or a building permit. We offer our barrel sauna as ready to install, or as sauna kits without heaters for any other use ....  Models  >>

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  • sauna inside

Sauna - cheap and movalbe

The main advantages of barrel sauna is price and mobility. Wooden barrel can be moved to another location, take with you if you decide to sell the house. Its total weight of 1500 kg, in contrast to traditional saunas, where only a brick oven weighs about five tons. Barrel construction is much cheaper than any traditional sauna. Our sauna design provides the opportunity to carry it on a road trailer, and does not require major and costly foundation. From the moment of purchase to the possible pairwise runs in its own bath from 1 day, and the final installation will take less than an hour. You can order ready-made barrel sauna with us, or it is possible to realize the any proposed buyer's model in kit. And it could be cheaper than any other kind of sauna. See prices >>

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Prices for barrel saunas

Sauna Spruce Thermowood Heater
Diogen 2.3 EUR 1800 EUR 2200 Electro
Diogen 2.6 EUR 1800 EUR 2200 Electro
Diogen 2.8 EUR 2000 EUR 2500 Harvia
Diogen 3.0 EUR 2200 EUR 2750 Harvia
Diogen 4.0 EUR 2500 EUR 3000 Harvia M2
Diogen 5.0 EUR 3000 EUR 3500 Harvia 16
Diogen 5 L EUR 3500 EUR 4250 Harvia 16
Diogen 6.0 EUR 3500 EUR 4500 Harvia M5

Movable sauna - it's easy

Trackuble Sauna by regular trailer and light-weight vehicle

Barrel sauna are easy to move from one place to another, by trailer or car, and even may come with you on vacation, on a hunting - as a camping cabin.

Original sauna structure

Trackuble Sauna by regular trailer and light-weight vehicle

Original patented structure of wall joints instead heat insulation and waterproofing costs - it works and saves money for our customers.

DIY kits

Sauna Benefits for health

  • Saunas help in weight loss
  • Make the immune system stronger
  • Saunas promote social interaction
  • Saunas flush toxins and salt
  • Saunas help you look younger
  • Saunas help to recover 
  • Saunas make skin look great
  • Saunas improve cardio 
  • Saunas burn calories
  • Saunas just feel good

Sauna and spa have been used for hundreds of years and still continue to be popular today. Many people enjoy sitting in a sauna and relaxation.

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