Barrel  saunas and outdoor tubs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

We are EU company, we manufacture barrel saunas and outdoor spa and tubs

Where your company from ?

We based in Varna 9000,Bulgaria, Morska Gara, office 305

What do you do ?

We sell and deliver wooden made barrel saunas and outdoor tubs in Europe for domestic and commercial use

May I rent your sauna for commercial use ?

Yes, your company can lease or rent barrel sauna for hotel or camping

What rates for leasing sauna ?

Typical leasing rates you can see at

May I just rent your sauna for business ?

Yes, we offer saunas, tubs and cabins for seasoning rent for business owners

May I rent your sauna for domestic use ?

Unfortuately, we can offer rent only for business owners

May I lease your sauna for domestic use ?

Sure, we offer lease saunas and tubs for domestic use in EU

What kind of wood you use ?

For barrel saunas we use Spruce or Thermo Modified wood from Ukraine and Russia

How long do they may work ?

We garantee 1 year for commercial use and 3 years for personal use
But in our practice wooden saunas lives well more than 10 years

Do you have sauna for "Test-run" ?

Yes, you can test our barrel sauna at Varna, Central Yacht Club, by request

What climate barrel sauna for ?

You can use barrel sauna all year long in Europe and  everywhere

Is there any other use for barrel cabins ?

Yes, barrel cabins may be used as camping cabins or summer house

Barrel cabins may be used in winter time?

Yes, cabins may be used as camping cabins in winter with infrared heating 1.5-2kVa, or wood burner

Is your barrel saunas certified ?

There are no special certification for wooden saunas in EU, but heaters (Harvia) is certified for use in EU

Do you sell barrel sauna kits ?

Yes, we sell barell sauna kits online and offline

How can I order a sauna, DIY kit or tub from you ?

Place your order in our online form - we'll contact you ASAP

What DIY kits do you sell ?

We sell barrel sauna kits from 2 up to 6 meters

Can I buy a few DIY sauna kits from you with local pick-up ?

Yes, we open for cooperation - dealers and installers welcome

Is it difficult to assemble sauna from DIY kit ?

Our workers do it in one day, by team of 2-3 persons (depends on sauna size)

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro , Paypal and vire transfer-
before or after delivery. Please be advised that your card would have to be registered to a billing address in the EU.
Online  orders should be paid with deposit 10 %, or fully paid in advance(depends on shipping place).

Can I have a different billing address to my delivery address?

Yes, the billing and shipping address can be different

What currency can I pay with?

You can only pay with Euros (EUR).

When will I receive my order and who will it be delivered by?

Barrel saunas and outdoor tubs we deliver by our trucks.
normally, it takes 1-2 weeks.Else, you'll be informed on terms extra

When should i pay for my sauna ?

We sell saunas in Bulgaria without downpayment, foreign countries - after 10% deposit.
Cash payment(COD) should be done asap after delivery, before installation.

How we can make the contract with you ?

We can make contract by fax, email or at the ebay auction

Where can I pick-up my barrel sauna by my self ?

Yes, in Varna and Sofia - in our depot or Homemax store

Should I pay for local pick-up ?

No, local pick-up is FREE

What trailer I need for pick-up sauna ?

Regular boat trailer up to 2 tonns or similar

What the weight of barrel sauna ?

Depends on size - from 1000 up to 2500kgs

What the weight of outdoor spa ?

Depends on size, normally - from 200 up to 500kgs

Do you do delivery sauna kits? Who is deliver ?

Yes, we do delivery all over Europe by delivery companies (depends on place)

Do you deliver outdoor tubs ?

Yes, we do deliver both - barrel sauna kits and tubs by our trucks

Do you combine shipping ?

Yes, we combine shipping for multiple items, and do discount for shipping

Do you deliver to Turkey ?

Yes, we do

What locations do you deliver ?

EuroUnion, RO, SL, GR, IT, TR, SLV, SRB, CHR, BG, MN, MD and more

Should I pay in advance ?

10% deposit for foreign customers is required(depends on order) For bulgarian buyers - not at all.

How should I pay the deposit ?

To our bank account to PostBank BG or via Paypal or cash, after contract done.

What price for delivery ?

From EUR 0.50 per 1 kilometer - depends on size, price, combination and weight.

Do you offer discounts ?

Yes, we do discount for business sales - for 2ea. similar items or amount over EUR 3000

Do you combine shipping ?

Yes, we combine shipping for multiple items

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