We sell barrel sauna kits and barrel cabins

What is DIY kits

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. We manufacture pre-cutted DIY kits for saunas, you can buy this DIY kit online and put together by your self - so cheap as you want. We offer standart sauna DIY kits from our list, or you can order diy kit on your sketch as an individual project - we are ready to make a DIY kit on an almost any project. You can discuss with us on the phone what you want to see in your area, we will draw and agree with your kit plans.

Sauna DIY Kits use

You can buy a sauna kit, barrel cabin, summer house, grille house made of environmentally friendly wood, for private use or buisness on your plot of land. Buy sauna kit an ideal solution for those looking for excellent quality at an affordable price, and no need to spend too much time on the construction. Diy kit houses allow you to become the owner of a new business for a few days, which is their major advantage. And it's not just about the sauna - cabins are ideal for the construction of ancillary facilities, such as moveable house for any kind of outdoor activity, summer camps or motels. Buy DIY sauna kit or camping cabin - it is fast, but also very beneficial financially. Find out lowest price so you can buy a sauna kits, cabin kit or small outdoor guesthouse.

Barrel sauna kits

Order barrel sauna kit in the company www.Tubsauna.com - you can buy DIY sauna kit at standart or individual size - and you will receive quality set without intermediaries after lowest downpayment. Our sauna kit prices shown on the site and fixed in the process of execution of the order is never increases. Flexible system of discounts avaliable for hotel owners, camping operators and any orders of similar DIY kits in our company. We open for any cooperation with respectable business owners, and we ready to help you to increase your business attraction for customers interested in quality vacation and sauna services.We sell sauna kits for private use - so you can save some money and assembly it by your self with couple friends in one day.

What is inside kit

If you want your business to be not just beautiful, but a real moneymaker, just tell us, how do you see your future business and the execution of works, our designers will assume, for the construction of the barrel kits is our job, and do we have it seek to the highest level. Construction of barrel kits made by the Finnish technology, using the highest quality materials and modern technologies. This building of barrel cabins and kits meets the highest quality requirements, giving our customers complete confidence that their diy kits is really their future income.

DIY Kit prices:

DIY kit Basic price Kit price Heater
Diogen 2.3 EUR 1800 EUR 1500 EUR 150
Diogen 2.6 EUR 1800 EUR 1500 EUR 150
Diogen 2.8 EUR 2000 EUR 1750 EUR 150
Diogen 3.0 EUR 2200 EUR 2000 EUR 200
Diogen 4.0 EUR 2500 EUR 2000 EUR 250
Diogen 5.0 EUR 3000 EUR 2500 EUR 250
Diogen 5 L EUR 3500 EUR 3000 EUR 250
Diogen 6.0 EUR 3500 EUR 3000 EUR 350

What inside DIY kit 

Basic kit includes

Set of planks 40 mm thickness
Flooring Drain Steps
Round walls with door installed
Base for barrel installation, benches
Thermoplastic roofing,windows,
Stainless steel strips,screws
barrel sauna diy kit

Kit options

HARVIA electric or wood burner
Visor front door
Chimney assembly
The stones for the oven 20 kg
Walls protection from the heat
Two-four stainless steel hoop
Ventilation grates
The roof of shingles
Processing antiseptic outside
Processing antiseptic inside
Delivery and  Assembly

Movable sauna - it's easy

Trackuble Sauna by regular trailer and light-weight vehicle

Barrel sauna are easy to move from one place to another, by trailer or car, and even may come with you on vacation, on a hunting - as a camping cabin.

Original structure

Trackuble Sauna by regular trailer and light-weight vehicle

Original patented structure of wall joints instead heat insulation and waterproofing costs - it works and saves money for our customers.

DIY kits

Sauna Benefits for health

  • Saunas help in weight loss
  • Make the immune system stronger
  • Saunas promote social interaction
  • Saunas flush toxins and salt
  • Saunas help you look younger
  • Saunas help to recover 
  • Saunas make skin look great
  • Saunas improve cardio 
  • Saunas burn calories
  • Saunas just feel good

Sauna and spa have been used for hundreds of years and still continue to be popular today. Many people enjoy sitting in a sauna and relaxation.

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